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Bipartisan initiative for democratic resilience and renewal


Resilient democratic institutions, such as an independent judiciary and a functioning system of checks and balances within political systems, are critical for the successful control of public-sector corruption, writes Patricia… Read more »

A strategy for recovering democratic momentum, countering autocrats’ political warfare


The United States is re-entering an era of great power competition, in which China and Russia “want to shape a world antithetical to U.S. values and interests,” according to the National… Read more »

The beginning of the end for populism?


Greece was the first European country to elect a left-wing populist in the wake of the financial crisis and has showed a clear change of tack four years later. Is… Read more »

China’s pre-Christmas crackdown raises alarm


A recent surge of police action against churches in China has raised concerns the government is getting even tougher on unsanctioned Christian activity, the BBC reports: Among those arrested are… Read more »

How illiberalism took hold of central Europe


Leading Polish intellectuals are speaking out against the country’s judicial reforms. Fearing Poland’s democracy is at stake, they have urged the European Court of Justice to intervene, Deutsche-Welle reports: Former… Read more »

A ‘good populism’: will 2018 be as revolutionary as 1968?


A new generation of rebels is rising in Europe, this time from the right, with echoes of the huge protest movements of 50 years ago, argues Ivan Krastev, the chairman… Read more »

The odd couple – globalization and democratization


There is a connection between the democratic recession and declining belief in a liberal global economy, says FT analyst Martin Wolf: Larry Diamond of the Hoover Institution has propounded the… Read more »

‘Multiple paths’ out of democratic regression


With many democracies sliding further and further toward authoritarianism, NPR’s Ari Shapiro talks with Larry Diamond of Stanford University about the global democratic recession. “The whole spectrum of regimes in… Read more »