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‘Springtime for Strongmen’? Explaining the rise of populist authoritarians


How are we to understand the resurgence of authoritarianism? What form does it now take? What responsibility do elites bear for its success? These are among the most important questions… Read more »

Southeast Asia’s ’emboldened’ strongmen look to China in setback to democracy


Chinese leaders have long sought to present themselves as equals to American presidents. Xi Jinping has wanted something more: a special relationship that sets China apart, as the other great… Read more »

Russian opposition calls protests over Putin’s ‘disastrous’ war in Ukraine


Шествие в Москве против войны. Храбрые, лучшие! ❤️ — Соболь Любовь (@SobolLubov) September 21, 2022 Russia’s opposition on Wednesday called for protests against President Vladimir Putin after he ordered… Read more »