Can Afghanistan survive September?


Afghanistan’s prospects for political stability are gloomy, according to analysts Moh.Sayed Madadi and Tabish Forugh.* The National Unity Government (NUG) struggles to govern as it fails to deliver the promises of its founding political agreement on time. On April 9, in the midst of worries about a shock in September when the NUG agreement would expire, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Kabul to shore up support for the NUG, rejecting the notion that it is valid only for two years, they write for Foreign Policy:

The political agreement brokered by Secretary Kerry that formed the current coalition government should be fully implemented by September 21, implying that as an expiration date. According to the agreement, the administration should by then have reformed electoral bodies and laws, issued new electronic national IDs, held parliamentary and district council elections, and convened the constitutional assembly to amend the constitution to create a Prime Minister position to be held by current Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah.

None of that has happened.

Afghan civil society activist Ahmad Shakib Mohsanyar is one of ten remarkable young people from around the world recognized this week by the State Department for their efforts to create constructive social change at the inaugural Global Emerging Young Leaders Award, VOA reports:

Mohsanyar founded social media campaign “Afghanistan Needs You” in effort of counter idea that youth need to leave Afghanistan for a better life. Campaign received 26,500 “likes” in its first seven months. He works as a job placement specialist and serves as president of a professional network that promotes universal education, entrepreneurship and civil society engagement.

* Moh.Sayed Madadi is an Afghan Fulbright Graduate Scholar at New York University and a former Hurford Fellow of the National Endowment for Democracy. Tabish Forugh is an Afghan Fulbright Graduate Scholar at Seton Hall University. He was formerly a Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy and Chief of Staff of Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission.

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