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Why Putin fears Ukraine


The country is on the cliff of bankruptcy. A spate of politically motivated killings and mysterious suicides of former government officials has sown fear in the capital. Infighting has begun… Read more »

Reform as resilience: the EU’s Eastern Partnership


After a year of diplomacy dominated by the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the EU’s Eastern Partnership (EaP) summit in Riga on May 21–22 will focus on the wider challenges of the surrounding… Read more »

Iran’s Catch 22: regime struggles to balance ideology with realpolitik


Bellicose threats from the deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps provide telling confirmation of the regime’s “struggles to balance its anti-Western ideology with its regional ambitions more than three… Read more »

Advancing democracy ‘is not cutting-edge foreign policy’?


If the U.S. State Department is going to take the global problem of weak, ineffective, corrupt, unaccountable governance seriously, it has to start with reality, not wishful thinking, argues Gordon… Read more »

Putin’s ebbing power? Russia sanctions ‘don’t work’


The assumption underlying the efficacy of Western sanctions is that the sharp economic deterioration that results from them will turn the Russian public, particularly the financial and political elite, against… Read more »

Asia’s maturing democracies wrestle with inclusion, election realities


Asia’s democracies need to promote greater inclusiveness, social cohesion and participation if they are to provide a compelling alternative to China’s authoritarian development model, an international conference heard this week…. Read more »