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Soft power not enough in the Balkans


The 21st century in the Balkans is starting to look dangerously like the 19th — with one important difference. In the 19th century, Russia and Turkey were big rivals in… Read more »

Information warfare: Russia’s weapon of choice


The Handbook of Russian Information Warfare, written by Keir Giles of Chatham House was written for NATO personnel who should understand “current and projected Russian operations in the information and cyber domains.” But it… Read more »

Not only economic issues fueling populist backlash


There are many possible causes of the contemporary crisis of democratic belief – economic stagnation and sluggish income growth for median workers; and growing inequality, as educated workers are better… Read more »

How to address the crisis of democracy


Democracy today is facing greater challenges than at any time since the fall of communism a quarter of a century ago; greater than at any time, in fact, since the… Read more »

How populism can strengthen democracy, not imperil it


Populism has long been a contested and ambiguous concept, notes Michael Kazin, who teaches history at Georgetown University: Scholars debate whether it is a creed, a style, a political strategy,… Read more »

Unraveling of Post-1989 Order – The Specter Haunting Europe


The unraveling of the post–Cold War liberal order is manifested by the West’s declining influence in international politics; the waning attraction of liberal democracy; and the maturing tensions within liberal… Read more »

Next steps in democratic renewal


Democracy is moving away from mass representation and the bureaucracy of the welfare state towards something more networked, open and personalized, argues Anthony Zacharzewski, the director of the Democratic Society,… Read more »

Putting the populist revolt in its place: economic have-nots & cultural backlash


In many Western democracies, this is a year of revolt against elites, notes Joseph S. Nye, Jr., University Professor at Harvard University. As Financial Times columnist Philip Stephens put it,… Read more »

Defending liberal world order requires democratic renewal (and vice versa)


Václav Havel’s legacy is a vital moral and intellectual resource for confronting the authoritarian resurgence and for addressing the challenge of democratic renewal, a commemorative conference at the National Endowment… Read more »

Poland highlights the ‘specter haunting Europe’


Tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets of the Polish capital Warsaw Saturday (24 September) to rally against moves by the rightwing Law and Justice (PiS) government that they… Read more »