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Putin’s ebbing power? Russia sanctions ‘don’t work’


The assumption underlying the efficacy of Western sanctions is that the sharp economic deterioration that results from them will turn the Russian public, particularly the financial and political elite, against… Read more »

Social media helps dictators, not just democrats


Initially welcomed as a democratic panacea, social media has increasingly come to be seen as a mixed blessing – a potentially useful tool that can nevertheless be blocked and sidelined by… Read more »

China’s democratic future: how to help ditch corrupt regime


  Democratic countries mistakenly believe that democratic change comes from the bottom. It does not, even if broader social pressures are often critical, says Bruce Gilley, associate professor of political… Read more »

Egypt’s case study in political inertia


Since General Abdel Al-Sisi took power in July 2013, following a wave of protests against Egypt’s first democratically elected president, it has become increasingly clear that the government has no intention of building… Read more »

Post-Arab Spring power vacuums present US policy puzzle


The Obama administration finds itself trying to sustain an ever-growing patchwork of strained alliances and multiple battlefields in the aftermath of the Arab Spring four years ago. The momentary moral… Read more »

West needs ‘strategy of resilience and engagement’ for Russia


  Russia’s continuing intervention in Ukraine is more than a stark rejection of Euro-Atlantic integration, says a new RAND Corporation report. It has shattered the vision that has guided North… Read more »