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‘Putin’s in a zugzwang’: The beginning of the end?


As rattled as they may have been by an armed insurrection in a nuclear-weapons state, Russia’s friends and business partners are unlikely to abandon Vladimir Putin, according to diplomats and… Read more »

Ukraine’s resilience denies Russia’s ‘delusional revanchism’


Leaders of the world’s richest democracies agreed on Friday to stiffen sanctions against Russia, while a draft communique to be issued after their talks in the Japanese city of Hiroshima… Read more »

South Africa’s ‘nonsensical nonalignment’


South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has forgotten that the outside world’s principled rejection of neutrality sustained the struggle against apartheid, Johannesburg-based political analyst Eusebius McKaiser writes for Foreign Policy. Earlier… Read more »

Russia still seeks a ‘Chechen solution’ for Ukraine


Moscow’s aim in Ukraine continues to be that of “eliminating anti-Russian elements”  and eventually imposing a “Chechen solution” on the country, a former Russian colleague tells Nathalie Tocci, Director of… Read more »