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‘Putin’s in a zugzwang’: The beginning of the end?


As rattled as they may have been by an armed insurrection in a nuclear-weapons state, Russia’s friends and business partners are unlikely to abandon Vladimir Putin, according to diplomats and… Read more »

Russia: From individual to collective resistance?


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s former adviser and Soviet-era dissident Gleb Pavlovsky (above) died on Monday at the age of 71 after a prolonged illness, Reuters reports. An influential figure in… Read more »

Russia’s Night Wolves: ‘Victory Roads’ boosts Kremlin sharp power


  The Night Wolves Motorcycle Club, an infamous nationalist Russian gang funded by the Kremlin, was spotted in Europe on Monday, Newsweek reports:  As hundreds gathered to attend a parade… Read more »

Sergei Kovalev, Soviet dissident & Putin adversary, dies at 91


Sergei Kovalev, a leading Russian dissident and human rights activist who fought for the victims of oppression in Soviet times and opposed Moscow’s war against Chechen separatists in the 1990s,… Read more »

Can Putin’s ‘Weak Strongman’ manage civil society in a ‘Russia Resurrected’?


What is the danger to an autocratic regime if it loses control over civil society? In the latest confirmation of the Russian authorities’ disregard for a vibrant and independent civil… Read more »