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What is human is right for U.S.-Egyptian relations


Are Egypt and Russia entering an authoritarian pact? Relations between Russia and Egypt have rapidly grown over the past three years, with Presidents Vladimir Putin and Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi forging a… Read more »

Ongoing judicial harassment of Egypt NGOs


The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders is protesting the continued judicial harassment and the restrictions to freedom of association faced by several Egyptian human rights organizations, as… Read more »

Women’s rights activist’s arrest is ‘chilling’ escalation of Egypt’s crackdown


The arrest of a leading Egyptian women’s rights defender at her home in Cairo on December 7, 2016, represents a serious escalation in the authorities’ ongoing crackdown on independent rights… Read more »

Egypt’s draft NGO law bans independent civil society groups


A new law drafted by Egypt’s parliament would effectively prohibit independent non-governmental groups in the country by subjecting their work and funding to control by government authorities, including powerful security… Read more »

Jailing journalists, banning rights activist: Egypt’s civil society crackdown continues


The head of the journalists’ union in Egypt and his two colleagues have been sentenced to two years in prison for “harboring fugitives”. A court in Cairo also allowed Yehia… Read more »