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Will a comic actor become Ukraine’s next President?


It seems that, on March 31, Ukraine once again received a chance to accelerate its transformation, notes Brookings analyst Sergey Aleksashenko. Ukraine hosted the first round of presidential elections, with 39… Read more »

Ukraine’s new generation of civic activists emerging?


Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau said Wednesday it had detained a deputy defense minister and another top military official for allegedly embezzling millions in state funding through an illegal oil-purchase scheme. The… Read more »

‘Three Steps Forward – Two Steps Back’: Ukraine needs assistance – and reform


It’s time for the US to come to the aid of Ukraine, says Antony J. Blinken (@ABlinken), a managing director of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement,… Read more »

Ukraine cracks down on anticorruption crusaders


A recent legislative amendment requiring activists and journalists reporting on government corruption to file public declarations of their personal assets is vague and could be used to deter or punish… Read more »