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Fulfilling the promise of 1989: Time for a second liberation of ‘profound renewal’


On the tenth anniversary of 1989, at the brink of the millennium, we could celebrate both the original triumph of the velvet revolutions and great subsequent progress. By the twentieth… Read more »

Zimbabwe’s ‘slow motion coup’: Zanu-PF hardliners and opposition call for Mugabe’s ouster


Thousands of demonstrators are expected to rally in Harare on Saturday as an unprecedented alliance of Zanu-PF hardliners and opposition activists seek to force Robert Mugabe step aside as Zimbabwe’s president,… Read more »

Zimbabwe in Transition: Reform and Reconstruction


> A 2015 Contingency Planning Memorandum, “Political Instability in Zimbabwe,” highlighted the potential for violence in connection with leadership succession. And there are at least five areas of concern as… Read more »