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Could Hungary’s ‘dark path to dictatorship’ set precedent?


Hungarian citizens are increasingly disturbed by the country’s authoritarian trajectory, while civil society groups fear Viktor Orban’s illiberal turn could establish a precedent for other European states, reports suggest. Goran… Read more »

Civil society the target in Hungary’s attack on Soros-funded university


Students and staff at the Central European University (CEU) in Hungary are protesting against what they say are government plans to close it down, the BBC reports: The university says… Read more »

Hungarian law targets foreign-backed NGOs


The Hungarian government is moving to limit the influence of nongovernmental organizations that promote democracy and the rule of law, Lili Bayer writes for POLITICO: This week, parliament is expected… Read more »

Eastern Europe’s populists emboldened in limiting ‘foreign’ NGOs


Populist leaders across Central and Eastern Europe are mounting simultaneous crackdowns on nongovernmental organizations that promote open government, aid refugees and often serve as checks on authoritarian governments, The New… Read more »