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Illiberal Poland the ‘gravest challenge’ to European democracy – and Kolakowski’s vision


  Poland represents the gravest illiberal challenge to European democracy, says the Economist: Since taking office in 2015 the nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party has stacked the courts, skewed… Read more »

Hungary decaying into ‘Führer democracy’


This Sunday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is set to win another term in national elections, giving him a fresh mandate to advance his project of building what he calls… Read more »

Existential risk to civil society in ‘skillfully veiled authoritarian’ Hungary


Hungary’s illiberal leader has built what Paul Lendvai in his new book, “Orbán,” calls a “skillfully veiled authoritarian system,” notes James Kirchick, a visiting fellow at the Center on the… Read more »

The People vs. Democracy? Illiberal democracy meets undemocratic liberalism


Yascha Mounk’s The People vs. Democracy argues that while liberals took liberalism’s permanence for granted, voters became “fed up with liberal democracy itself,” notes Sohrab Ahmari. Mounk has also collected mountains… Read more »

Illiberal international? How Putin is ‘using Hungary to destroy Europe’


  Russian President Vladimir Putin has some key allies in the European Union. In some countries, they are outliers, even fringe elements. But in Hungary, a nation of about 10 million people… Read more »

Crisis of confidence roiling liberal democracies?


In the wake of the recent Group of 20 summit, some commentators claimed that the chief threat to liberal democracy was not from the aggressively illiberal despots of Russia, North… Read more »

‘Illiberal’ Poland rejects Putin-style autocracy


Polish citizens continue to support Western alliances and to reject authoritarian models of government, but express concerns about the effects of polarization on Poland’s democracy, according to a new poll… Read more »

Hungary ‘copying Russia’ by targeting university?


As an American scholar of Soviet history, Charles D. Shaw thought he understood authoritarianism before he moved to Hungary in 2015 to teach at Central European University, the New York Times reports: “Coming from… Read more »

Hungary ‘backtracks’ in row over CEU, as protests persist


Hungary denied on Wednesday that a new education law was aimed at shutting down a university founded by U.S. financier George Soros, and suggested a possible compromise in a dispute… Read more »