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How the internet can impede democratization


The internet is an intuitive boon for democracy, according to Elizabeth Stoycheff, Assistant professor at Wayne State University, and Erik C. Nisbet, Associate professor at Ohio State University. It provides… Read more »

HK’s Umbrella Movement Fights Back


The run-up to the Sept. 4 election for Legislative Council is getting tense, and the governments of both Hong Kong and Beijing are watching with keen interest, notes analyst Lian… Read more »

The Week Democracy Died?


Across the affluent, established democracies of North America and Western Europe, the last years have witnessed a meteoric rise of figures who harness a new level of anger that is… Read more »

Cambodia’s Democratic Transition Has Collapsed, With Dangerous Consequences


As Cambodia prepares for national elections in two years, its politics have veered dangerously out of control, notes Council on Foreign Relations analyst Joshua Kurlantzick. Even though young Cambodians are… Read more »

For Putin, Ukraine and Syria are part of the same theater


For a country where politics has long been monopolized by the state, Russia has seen a lot of news in the past few weeks, notes analyst Masha Gessen. It has… Read more »

Report highlights Ukraine’s kleptocrats


Ukraine’s anti-corruption agency confirmed the details of a report saying that Paul Manafort, the chair of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, was listed in a “black ledger” as receiving $12.7 million… Read more »

China’s Future a Dictator’s Dilemma: Communist Party’s Strategy for Survival


China’s Communist authorities fretting about potentially “subversive” civil society groups — such as rights lawyers and labor activists — have a new red flag: the upcoming birthday of former president… Read more »

What failed Soviet coup tells us about 21st-century populism


The abortive coup against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev twenty-five years ago this week and its aftermath have echoes today, argues Stephen Sestanovich, a Columbia University professor and senior fellow at… Read more »