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Responding to authoritarian information ops in Latin America


The Russian government is currently financing an on-going, well-funded disinformation campaign across Latin America, the U.S. State Department reports. The Kremlin’s campaign plans to leverage developed media contacts in Argentina,… Read more »

China spends billions to ‘reshape global information environment’


China’s Communist regime employs a variety of deceptive and coercive methods in its efforts to influence the international information environment, according to a new analysis. Beijing’s information manipulation spans the… Read more »

World’s strongmen ‘bend social media to their will’


The world’s autocrats continue to bend social media to their will, according to Samuel Woolley, the author of “Manufacturing Consensus: Understanding Propaganda in the Era of Automation and Anonymity.” Despots have… Read more »

‘Weaving Resilience’: Engage autocrats on ideological battlefields


The world can’t wait for us to counter Russian and Chinese disinformation, support democratic struggles abroad, stabilize and improve democratic institutions, and forge partnerships between democratic organizations and actors, says… Read more »