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Reconsidering China’s ‘authoritarian resilience’


For proponents of China’s “authoritarian resilience”, their assumptions, evidence, and conclusions have become harder to defend in light of recent developments, argues Minxin Pei, Professor of Government at Claremont McKenna… Read more »

Human rights, civil society repression concerns in US-Vietnam partnership


President Obama’s ninth trip to Asia and the Pacific this month reflects the Administration’s commitment to advancing a broader regional strategy, known as the “Rebalance,” the White House said today. The… Read more »

Anti-Rohingya hysteria threatens Burma transition


The United Nations must establish an independent investigation into government-sponsored genocide against ethnic Rohingyas in Myanmar, a rights group said Thursday, drawing pushback from politicians in the Southeast Asian nation… Read more »

Doubts grow over ‘schizophrenic’ China’s soft power


Few policymakers in the developing world trust China’s advice — this is the message of a survey that points to the limitations of Beijing’s efforts to project “soft power” in… Read more »

Chinese author of ‘Democracy is a Good Thing’ resigns


A prominent liberal who has written extensively about democracy and political reform has resigned from a Communist Party bureau, The South China Morning Post reports: Yu Keping, 56, said yesterday… Read more »

Internet freedom falls for fifth year in row


  Global online freedom declined for a fifth consecutive year as governments around the world stepped up surveillance and censorship efforts, AFP reports: The annual report by non-government watchdog Freedom… Read more »

Beijing Bull? The ‘bogus’ China Model


THE IDEOLOGICAL competition between democracy and authoritarianism was supposed to have died with the Cold War. But it has returned with a vengeance, powered above all by the rise of… Read more »