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How Putin became global ideological hero of nationalists, populists


Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved his current geo-political “prominence because he anticipated the global populist revolt and helped give it ideological shape,” argues analyst Franklin Foer. “With his apocalyptic… Read more »

Tzvetan Todorov – highlighted democracy’s ‘inner enemies’


Tzvetan Todorov, a Bulgarian-French literary theorist and historian of ideas whose concerns in dozens of books ranged from fantasy in fiction to the moral consequences of colonialism, fanaticism and the… Read more »

Upheaval could lead to ‘more vibrant’ democracies – eventually


The current confrontation in Romania exemplifies the “new politics” in the era of global populism, where pushback against democratic norms by incumbent politicians is met with popular resistance, according to… Read more »

Latin America: democracy under strain


“We are at an interesting moment in modern history,” according to Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States. “There appears to be a growing appetite for populist politics… Read more »

West’s political and normative project ‘under fire’


Germany’s outgoing President Joachim Gauck on Wednesday used his final major address to emphasize the importance of a resilient democracy and robust security policy, DW reports. He called today’s Germany “the best… Read more »

Kerry warns of the ‘danger of authoritarian populism’


US Secretary of State John Kerry today warned of “the danger of authoritarian populism” sweeping many Western democracies and cautioned against backsliding on basic freedoms. “Every chip away at the… Read more »

Are democracies stable ? ‘Warning signs are flashing red’


Is the populist backlash just a new kind of politics, or a symptom of something deeper? To answer that question, Harvard’s Yascha Mounk and the University of Melbourne’s Roberto Stefan… Read more »