Tag: Third Wave

Identity politics shift ‘not good for health of liberal democracy’


The world today is not converging around liberal democratic government, as it seemed to be for more than a generation, argues Stanford University’s Francis Fukuyama. The Third Wave of democratization… Read more »

A case for democratic persistence


Condoleezza Rice remains optimistic about the future of democracy. The former U.S. national security advisor (2001–2005) and secretary of state (2005–2009) believes that pessimists today make the mistake of expecting… Read more »

What the beginning of the end of democracy looks like


The United States has been the modern world’s most influential country and has promoted democracy passively by serving as a model and actively through its diplomatic efforts, aid, and even military and covert action… Read more »

How Egypt’s activists became ‘Generation Jail’


Six years after the Arab Spring, Egypt’s democracy activists live under constant threat of prison — or worse, notes analyst Joshua Hammer. It was just six years ago that Ahmed… Read more »