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How illiberals, uncivil society transition from protest to power


Civil society activists have often struggled to make the transition from protest to politics, to effect a shift from social movement to party in power. Illiberal and authoritarian movements –… Read more »

‘Countering Hybrid Warfare’: Social contracts cultivate resilience


The authors of this article urge countries in the Kremlin’s crosshairs to preemptively identify societal vulnerabilities to hybrid warfare. — Texas NatSec Review (@TXNatSecReview) February 2, 2022 How can… Read more »

How social movements can counter democratic downgrades


Europe’s populist revolt is realigning the continent’s politics around new fault lines: City versus countryside, working class versus highly educated elites, “sovereignists” versus “globalists.” This has come at the expense… Read more »

Building Democracy after Popular Nonviolent Uprisings


Nonviolent movements make democratic transitions more likely and lead to stronger democracies, according to a new analysis by Jonathan Pinckney of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict  (downloadable here). Drawing from… Read more »