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The ‘Vegas rule’ and Selective Wilsonianism: When the West does (and doesn’t) advance democracy


The “Vegas rule” — what happens in a single nation stays there — “does not apply in today’s global world,” according to Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass. Greenhouse… Read more »

Is advancing democracy a moral foreign policy?


It is a mistake to conflate militarized forms of regime change with advancing democracy, observers suggest. The morality of a president’s foreign policy should be gauged on a rubric based… Read more »

Democracy in retreat: ‘ominous’ decline around the world, says Freedom House


Democracy is undergoing an ‘alarming’ decline around the world, according to the latest annual survey from Freedom House.* The country-by-country report – Freedom In The World 2019 – paints a… Read more »

Relative moralism: is the U.S. still promoting democracy?


Does the U.S. administration’s decision to restrict visas for Cambodians engaged in “undermining democracy” in the Southeast Asian nation validate the Economist’s observation that it’s not necessary  “to have clear… Read more »

Moral and strategic reasons for integrating democracy into foreign policy


Advancing democracy and liberty should be reinforced as a priority in American foreign policy for both values-based and strategic reasons, according to Mark Green, President of the International Republican Institute…. Read more »

Strategic priorities for advancing democracy


Democracy today is being challenged as never before since the end of the Cold War, says Carl Gershman, President of the National Endowment for Democracy. The crisis has many dimensions,… Read more »

Advancing democracy is not ‘regime change’


Advancing democracy is not the same as regime change, says a leading practitioner. “We have said over and over again that what this is all about is not changing a regime,”… Read more »