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Conservative civil society pushing back against Western liberal norms


The rapid rise of Brazil’s new far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro may have surprised some observers but it did not come out of thin air. His success follows years of support… Read more »

Fine-tuning support for Ukrainian democratization


Ukraine has made some progress along the path of democratization, but the government has stalled on many reform imperatives and has recently been mired in a debilitating political crisis, argues… Read more »

Saving the (Transatlantic) West


Politicians and academics who claim that America’s long-term engagement in Europe has become obsolete are making a dangerous mistake, says German president and former dissident Joachim Gauck (left). A Europe… Read more »

Is there ‘Non-Western Democracy’?


Calls for different models of democracy are becoming more prominent and widespread, according to Carnegie Europe analyst Richard Youngs. The future of global politics will depend greatly on whether and… Read more »

EU democracies not keeping Eastern Promise: is Neighborhood Policy doomed?


The outcome of the European Union’s fourth Eastern Partnership summit in Latvia starting on Thursday is likely to demonstrate the EU’s diminished eastern ambitions and fan disgruntlement among Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia,… Read more »