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Informing voters doesn’t shape political behavior or ensure accountability


How does providing information to voters affect political behavior and preferences? From India to Mexico to Uganda, the answer remained the same: It doesn’t. The combined data revealed no significant… Read more »

Electoral espionage is ‘political warfare’


Russia “is up to all sorts of no good,” British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said today, two days after announcing a plan to visit Moscow. “They are, I’m afraid, engaged… Read more »

Elections could consolidate or undermine Ghana’s democracy


Ghana’s forthcoming elections would further consolidate the country’s democratic institutions and practices if they prove to be “credible and peaceful,” says an international delegation from the National Democratic Institute. However,… Read more »

Vietnam’s ‘Lady Gaga’ joins dissident gatecrashers running for parliament


  Vietnam’s constitution pays lip service to democratic principles, but the country of 93m people is a repressive one-party state. In it, ordinary folk have little say over who their… Read more »