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Democracy ‘is on the ropes’: Democracy Promotion in a Challenging World


The U.S. should do more to boost the struggling state of democracy in countries around the world, lawmakers from both parties said at a Capitol Hill hearing Thursday, the Washington… Read more »

A homecoming for NDI’s new president


A former program officer is set to take over as the new president of the National Democratic Institute, the Washington-based democracy assistance group. In announcing the NDI board’s decision to… Read more »

Assessing Zimbabwe’s elections: another GNU in the making?


Amid indications that the first round of voting in Zimbabwe’s July 30 ‘harmonized’ elections may not produce a clear winner, some civil society groups started putting together building blocks for… Read more »

Zimbabwe elections could lack credibility, civil society warns


The European Union will oversee elections held in Zimbabwe this summer, the first time it has done so since 2002, CNBC reports: Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa is attempting to build… Read more »

Lebanon ≠ Hezbollah: only limited election success for pro-Iran party


Hezbollah and its allies have won a small majority of seats in Lebanon’s first parliamentary election in nearly a decade, boosting its influence and giving its patron Iran greater sway… Read more »