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What the royal Saudi purge means: prelude to reform or power consolidation?


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been considered a bulwark of stability in the Persian Gulf region. But Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s extraordinary weekend roundup against alleged corruption shook… Read more »

ISIS ‘metastasizing’ – losing territory and social media presence


  The Islamic State group lost 12% of the territory it holds in Iraq and Syria – an area the size of Ireland – in the first half of 2016,… Read more »

Kanan Makiya: why Iraq failed after liberation


Before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, no voice arguing for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein had greater moral weight than that of Kanan Makiya*, notes Reuel Marc Gerecht, a senior… Read more »

Countering violent extremism through early interventions, soft power?


The changing nature of political violence over the last few decades has represented a key challenge to the study and analysis of international affairs, note analysts Nizar Messari and Zineb… Read more »

Iran’s bellicose policy, ‘appalling’ rights record unlikely to change


The optimistic expectation that the nuclear deal with Iran will prompt a change in the regime’s behavior “underestimates the anti-American agenda and the influence of Iran’s self-declared guardians of the… Read more »