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From Colonization to Kleptocracy: ‘Luanda Leaks’ detail Angola corruption


A trove of more than 700,000 documents obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and shared with The New York Times, shows how a global network of consultants, lawyers, bankers and… Read more »

Does Lourenço represent an end to Angola’s kleptocracy?


Even the toughest critics of Angola’s government say that in just more than a year, President Joao Lourenco has accomplished more to stop corruption than any previous Angolan administration, VOA… Read more »

Angola’s new regime ‘determined to enhance democracy’?


Angola is determined to enhance democracy, President João Lourenço told the European Parliament last week. His comments came shortly after the International Monetary Fund commended his administration for initiating reforms geared away… Read more »

Activist’s trial highlights Angola’s reputation for nepotism and corruption


Angola’s new government must tackle the country’s reputation for nepotism and corruption, both at home and abroad, analysts suggest. President João Lourenço has made a positive start in challenging the… Read more »

Angolan kleptocrat addresses Yale, as anti-corruption activist faces trial


Outspoken Angolan human rights activist and journalist Rafael Marques de Morais* will be tried in camera for a story he wrote two years ago exposing alleged corruption, according to news… Read more »

$500m fraud case roils Angola’s ‘oil-soaked kleptocracy’


One of the world’s most notorious kleptocracies is in the news again. The son of José Eduardo dos Santos, the former Angolan president, has been named as a suspect in… Read more »

My trial: Angolan anti-corruption activist appears in court


Prominent Angolan human rights activist and journalist Rafael Marques de Morais appeared in court Monday on charges of insulting a public authority after questioning the integrity of a former attorney… Read more »

Angola’s kleptocracy prosecutes anti-corruption campaigner


  A regime officially opposed to corruption is prosecuting a prominent investigative journalist with a track record of exposing malfeasance. The head of Angola’s state-owned oil business has given first… Read more »

Angola’s kleptocracy resisting greater scrutiny


Angola’s reconstruction and oil boom presented the politically connected — those with “relatives in the kitchen,” as Angolans say — with a golden opportunity for self-enrichment. In an economy driven… Read more »

Angolan activist’s prosecution is ‘retaliation’ for democracy award


Washington-based policy-makers on Capitol Hill and non-governmental groups alike are closely monitoring the prosecution of Angolan anti-corruption activist Rafael Marques, VOA reports. “Rafael was prosecuted in the past and imprisoned… Read more »