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‘Zealous democrats’? Call to redefine political Islam


The definition of ‘political Islam’ should be narrowed to recognize that many Islamic political movements share democratic values, according to a report by an influential committee of British MPs. The… Read more »

The truth about Egypt’s revolution?


In “Arab Fall: How the Muslim Brotherhood Won and Lost Egypt in 891 Days,” Eric Trager upends the standard pat narrative of Egypt’s Jasmine Revolution, notes Oren Kessler, deputy director… Read more »

The Rise and Fall of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood


In recent months, Egypt’s Sisi government has seemingly won its brutal, controversial fight against the Muslim Brotherhood in decisive fashion, decapitating the group by killing, jailing, or exiling most of… Read more »

Election exposes Jordan’s enduring weaknesses


One of the most common claims I hear when asking Jordanians about elections is: “We are a tribal society, and tribalism will always dominate the elections,” notes Kristen Kao, a… Read more »

Jordan election: the same old song?


Jordan’s parliamentary elections on September 20 have produced a parliament that will contain opposition figures for the first time in a decade, analysts Michele Dunne and Marwan Muasher write for… Read more »

ISIS ‘metastasizing’ – losing territory and social media presence


  The Islamic State group lost 12% of the territory it holds in Iraq and Syria – an area the size of Ireland – in the first half of 2016,… Read more »

Muslim Brotherhood’s dilemma: Religion or politics?


The audacious decision of Tunisia’s Ennahda movement to separate politics and religion has raised the question of whether Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood would follow Ennahda’s course, notes Khalil al-Anani, an associate professor at… Read more »

Islam and democracy: What’s the problem?


Can Muslim-majority countries strike a balance between faith and democracy? Al Jazeera asks. Or, is there an irreconcilable tension between liberal values and Islamic beliefs? When we discuss political Islam… Read more »

How to reverse the extremist tide


Something great is afoot in Tunisia. Last weekend, the once-Islamist Ennahda party officially declared that it will separate its religious activities from its political ones, notes Maajid Nawaz, co-founder and chairman… Read more »