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West ‘ignoring Putin’s actions’ – must engage Russia’s democracy movements


The U.S. should remain engaged with Russia’s pro-democracy movement, says a leading opposition activist. It is important to maintain pressure on the Russian authorities and President Vladimir Putin and take… Read more »

Putin Generation finds its voice in anti-corruption protests


In Russia’s once-quiet provinces, young people took the lead in last weekend’s anti-corruption protests, AP reports. According to user data compiled from a social media page for people who said… Read more »

Advancing democracy at home and abroad


Canadians should be “prepared” for Russian attempts to destabilize the country’s political system says Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, an outspoken critic of the Kremlin’s authoritarian kleptocracy. The proliferation of… Read more »

Building democratic alternatives to extremism in Algeria


Algerian law requires the next parliament to be made up of 30 percent women — but political parties across the spectrum have struggled to come up with enough female candidates… Read more »

Advancing democracy at the root of American ‘exceptionalism’


The classic liberal internationalist vision of a global Pax Democratica lies at the root of American “exceptionalism,” according to Tony Smith, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Tufts University, and… Read more »

Electoral espionage is ‘political warfare’


Russia “is up to all sorts of no good,” British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said today, two days after announcing a plan to visit Moscow. “They are, I’m afraid, engaged… Read more »

Ukraine democratic transition ‘being driven from bottom-up’


Ukraine is set to launch its case against Russia at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, seeking an order to halt Moscow’s support for pro-Russia separatists in… Read more »

Resilient but shaky: Bosnia prepares for critical polls


In the year since Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) submitted its formal application to join the European Union, little has gone according to plan for the fragile country, writes Sanford Henry,… Read more »

Democracy challenged, but still in demand


Democracy promotion, long a pillar of America’s foreign policy framework, is viewed either as too soft or idealistic as a response to serious security threats facing the nation; or it… Read more »

Democracy and Human Rights: The Case for U.S. Leadership


U.S. Senate Hearing. Thursday, February 16, 2017. Panel One Mr. Carl Gershman, President, National Endowment for Democracy (left) The Honorable Mark Green, President, International Republican Institute Mr. Kenneth Wollack, President, National Democratic Institute Panel… Read more »