Tag: ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR)

Growing backlash as China turns soft power into sharp tool


Australia has launched a scathing attack on China’s efforts to build influence in the Pacific, accusing Beijing of currying favor with the region’s smaller nations by funneling cash into little-used… Read more »

Time to contest China’s vision of global leadership


At the 19th Communist Party Congress, China’s President Xi Jinping declared that a “new era” had begun. Xi set out a vision of a political system directly opposed to Western values of democracy… Read more »

China’s secret ‘magic weapon’ for global soft power


Xi Jinping is quietly ramping up the United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist party in a push for global “soft power”, The FT’s James Kynge writes in a… Read more »

China’s strategy to limit West’s global influence


  China is fashioning a new form of multilateralism with a strategy for the systematic displacing of institutions built on high ideals and values, such as free markets and democracy, notes… Read more »

Time to counter China’s ‘soft power’ influence ops


The Chinese Communist Party’s covert campaign of influence in Australia, exposed in a series of articles and “Power and Influence,” (above) set off a domestic debate about just how wary… Read more »

China’s OBOR raising unease about Pakistan’s fragile democracy


Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be questioned on Thursday by investigators probing how his family obtained its vast wealth, the first time a sitting Pakistani premier has appeared before… Read more »

China’s Silk Road plan poses democracy as problem


A leaked document on China’s Silk Road investment plan poses diversity and multi-party democracy as problems, notes analyst Anders Corr. It raises questions about the extent to which the international community should… Read more »