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My trial: Angolan anti-corruption activist appears in court


Prominent Angolan human rights activist and journalist Rafael Marques de Morais appeared in court Monday on charges of insulting a public authority after questioning the integrity of a former attorney… Read more »

Angola’s kleptocracy prosecutes anti-corruption campaigner


  A regime officially opposed to corruption is prosecuting a prominent investigative journalist with a track record of exposing malfeasance. The head of Angola’s state-owned oil business has given first… Read more »

After Zimbabwe, signs of transition in Angola’s kleptocracy?


A revolutionary anti-colonial leader who held power for almost four decades. A government rife with nepotism and corruption. A people beset by poverty. Hope for a democratic transition, but far more… Read more »

Angola’s kleptocracy resisting greater scrutiny


Angola’s reconstruction and oil boom presented the politically connected — those with “relatives in the kitchen,” as Angolans say — with a golden opportunity for self-enrichment. In an economy driven… Read more »

Angolan activist’s prosecution is ‘retaliation’ for democracy award


Washington-based policy-makers on Capitol Hill and non-governmental groups alike are closely monitoring the prosecution of Angolan anti-corruption activist Rafael Marques, VOA reports. “Rafael was prosecuted in the past and imprisoned… Read more »

Democracy award winner charged with insulting Angola’s state


Two journalists in Angola face charges of insulting the state for an article about an allegedly unethical real estate deal involving the attorney general, The Associated Press reports: Rafael Marques… Read more »

Counting the cost of corruption


A prominent judge has queried the use of public funds to buy vehicles for Nigeria’s politicians, and advised a leading advocacy group to research the issues “to see how best… Read more »

Counting the cost of corruption: citizen movements demanding transparency


Thousands of Moroccans marched in a northern town to protest against injustice and corruption this week, Reuters reports: Political protests are rare in Morocco, but tensions in al-Hoceima have been… Read more »

New corruption scandal a further blow to Brazil’s democracy


Brazilian President Michel Temer is once again under fire, this time amid reports that prosecutors have obtained recordings of him discussing hush money payments with a jailed associate. The obstruction… Read more »