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Nigeria’s election: human rights on the agenda


On February 16, 2019, Nigeria will hold its first national elections since the nation’s peaceful transfer of political power in 2015. While pre-election assessments suggest positive developments by electoral stakeholders,… Read more »

Investigative journalism key to tackling corruption


…..…. according to Nigeria’s  Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), which launched its latest publication titled Uncovering Corruption in Nigeria: A Manual for Investigative Journalists, Nigeria’s Vanguard News reports. “The public… Read more »

‘Corrosive kleptocracy’: Nigerian politics in danger of criminal infiltration


President Muhammadu Buhari won the last three presidential elections but he was “rigged out of victory,” according to a former US Ambassador. ”I arrived at that conclusion by talking to people… Read more »

Is Nigeria’s democracy fragile ahead of 2019 elections?


Is Nigeria’s democracy increasingly fragile or does it give grounds for optimism? Nigeria is the sixth largest electoral democracy in the world, and 2019 will mark 20 years since the… Read more »