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Nepal a ‘surprising focal point’ for democratic movement


Though strategically located between Asia’s two giants, India and China, Nepal’s political importance has derived more from its tortuous process of democratic transition over the last quarter of a century… Read more »

Reforming Ukraine after the revolutions


  Sergii Leshchenko and Mustafa Nayyem [above] were two muckraking journalists who had contempt for Ukraine’s corrupt political system. So they became politicians, Joshua Yaffa writes for The New Yorker:… Read more »

West faces ‘new Cold War’ with democracy under threat?


At the moment, the West is clearly losing the ideological battle for democracy, as two major anti-Western threats have emerged, George Mason University professor Jack A. Goldstone writes for World… Read more »

Latin America’s state institutions co-opted to bolster those in power


Nicaragua moved closer to one-party rule late last month, when the country’s Supreme Electoral Council unseated 28 opposition lawmakers and substitute lawmakers in the National Assembly, effectively handing full control… Read more »

Crimean Tatar activist still confined in mental hospital


  Leading Crimean Tatar representative Ilmi Umerov has not been released from a mental hospital, his lawyer Mark Feygin said. “Together with Ilmi’s family we came to the hospital. He… Read more »

The latest threat to liberal democracy: dataism


  We are approaching another “end of history” moment – but with a difference, argues John Naughton, professor of the public understanding of technology at the Open University. In his… Read more »

Syria’s rebranded Nusra Front following Hezbollah blueprint


Even if symbolic, the mere rebranding of the militant organization Nusra Front could be enough to prolong Syria’s civil war, according to Colin P. Clarke and Chad C. Serena, political… Read more »