Belarusian Songs of Freedom


The National Endowment for Democracy will host legendary Belarusian rock musician and activist Lavon Volski in conversation with Hungarian Ambassador András Simonyi on the role of independent art and culture in the struggle for democracy. The conversation will be interspersed with acoustic performances by Mr. Volski of some of his most socially significant songs. This will be a rare opportunity to shine the spotlight on Belarus and on the transformative power of independent culture in an authoritarian environment. The role and resurgence of independent culture is particularly important now in Belarus, as the Lukashenka government is allowing a limited “thaw” while attempting to rekindle relations with Europe and the US.

Lavon Volski, Belarusian rock musician and activist

in conversation with
András Simonyi, Hungarian Ambassador and musician

Belarusian Songs of Freedom: The Role of Arts and Culture in the Struggle for Democracy

December 12, 2016
05:00 pm – 07:00 pm



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