‘Continental clamor’ for Venezuela to respect democracy



Venezuela’s government came under new pressure as the body that represents 35 nations across the Americas called on Nicolás Maduro’s administration to respect the “functioning of democracy,” the Financial Times reports:

Members of the Organisation of American States, the Washington-based regional body, met on Tuesday to demand dialogue between Mr Maduro’s government and the opposition, as Venezuela endures its worst economic and political crisis in living memory. … Without mentioning elections or jailed dissidents this time, OAS vowed to act “within the institutional framework”, which includes its democratic charter. …“Sanctions against a country should be the last resort, after there has been no answer” from the government, said Luis Almagro, OAS secretary-general.

“There is a continental clamor that goes from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego,” Almagro (right) told the Financial Times. “The continent is telling the [Maduro] regime to release political prisoners. It is saying it wants democracy for the country. That is essential, it is fundamental.”

However, analysts at Eurasia Group said the move by OAS would “have little impact” in Venezuela. “The government will continue to do everything in its power to avoid regime change and can depict the OAS actions as part of a broader imperialist attack on Venezuela,” the consultancy said.

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