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Ghana’s 2016 Elections: Public Confidence & State Preparedness


  eTV Ghana (below, right) has launched a policy assessment dialogue dubbed: “Manifesto Dialogue,” to give political parties platforms to enlighten civilians on the policies they would implement if they… Read more »

Africa Experiencing ‘Democracy Fatigue’?


In the early 1990s, a wave of democracy swept the African continent, leading many observers to proclaim enthusiastically that the region was experiencing its “second independence,” analyst Mamadou Gazibo writes… Read more »

Global job opportunities


National Endowment for Democracy Program Officer, Global Senior Program Officer, China Assistant to the Vice Presidents, Regional Programs Research Associate- RF Fellows Program Program Officer, China Assistant Program Officer, West… Read more »

Zambia Elections Show Closing Democratic Space in Southern Africa?


  Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has been re-elected, according to official results, which are being challenged by the main opposition party, the BBC reports: The electoral commission said Mr Lungu… Read more »