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Light Through The Darkness: Toward a New Policy and Strategy for North Korea


The Korean peninsula is always dangerous, but the next few months are especially so. An erratic, nuclear-armed North still covets prosperous South Korea, which is enduring a presidential impeachment crisis… Read more »

Russians want to make up with the West


In presenting the latest Levada Center poll on Russian attitudes toward the West, the center’s Aleksey Grazhdankin says that a majority of Russians think that the initiative for improving East-West… Read more »

From countering to preventing violent extremism


Gen. Raheel Sharif, Pakistan’s powerful army chief, steps down Tuesday at the height of his popularity. But as he makes way for a successor, Sharif also leaves behind an army… Read more »

Are democracies stable ? ‘Warning signs are flashing red’


Is the populist backlash just a new kind of politics, or a symptom of something deeper? To answer that question, Harvard’s Yascha Mounk and the University of Melbourne’s Roberto Stefan… Read more »

China’s ‘Great Leap Backward’


A bipartisan strategic assessment underlies a widely-shared assumption about the likely direction of China’s development, notes a leading analyst. This was not the simplistic faith that if China became richer,… Read more »

‘Tyrant is dead, tyranny continues’: Cuban dissidents fear post-Castro crackdown


While Cuban-Americans partied in the streets of Miami after Fidel Castro died, dissidents in Cuba stayed home, fearing more repression though some hope his brother Raul will enact reforms, AFP… Read more »

Ukrainians want success stories, not reform façade


On the anniversary of Ukraine’s Maidan protests on Monday, Russia’s REN TV aired a documentary produced by American film director Oliver Stone entitled “Ukraine on Fire,” Deutsche Welle reports: Nina… Read more »