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Global job opportunities


National Endowment for Democracy Program Officer, Global Senior Program Officer, China Assistant to the Vice Presidents, Regional Programs Research Associate- RF Fellows Program Program Officer, China Assistant Program Officer, West… Read more »

How the internet can impede democratization


The internet is an intuitive boon for democracy, according to Elizabeth Stoycheff, Assistant professor at Wayne State University, and Erik C. Nisbet, Associate professor at Ohio State University. It provides… Read more »

The Week Democracy Died?


Across the affluent, established democracies of North America and Western Europe, the last years have witnessed a meteoric rise of figures who harness a new level of anger that is… Read more »

For Putin, Ukraine and Syria are part of the same theater


For a country where politics has long been monopolized by the state, Russia has seen a lot of news in the past few weeks, notes analyst Masha Gessen. It has… Read more »

Report highlights Ukraine’s kleptocrats


Ukraine’s anti-corruption agency confirmed the details of a report saying that Paul Manafort, the chair of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, was listed in a “black ledger” as receiving $12.7 million… Read more »

Resisting the Tyranny of the Possible: Lessons from the Fall of the Berlin Wall


Resisting the Tyranny of the Possible. This was moral revolution, a revolution of conscience rooted in cultural reclamation, and it resonated through the region because it was entirely congruent with… Read more »