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Civil society countering Ukraine’s ‘corrupt counter-revolution’


In Ukraine, revolution and reform has given way to reaction, with vested interests entrenching themselves even further, notes Sergii Leshchenko, a Ukrainian journalist and a member of the Verkhovna Rada. Today,… Read more »

Poland’s civil society ‘roars to life’


Thousands of Poles used yesterday’s anniversary of the imposition of martial law by the communist regime 35 years ago to protest against the current conservative government, the BBC reports: The… Read more »

Has Kremlin cracked democracy’s code?


German politicians have warned that hackers and others acting for the Russian state could undermine Germany’s general elections next year, the BBC reports: The German election is at risk from… Read more »

Russia’s threat to liberal democracy: Putin making world safe for autocracy


With the end of the Cold War and the expansion of NATO and the EU to virtually all of Central and Eastern Europe, liberal democracy seemed ascendant and secure as… Read more »

Kerry warns of the ‘danger of authoritarian populism’


US Secretary of State John Kerry today warned of “the danger of authoritarian populism” sweeping many Western democracies and cautioned against backsliding on basic freedoms. “Every chip away at the… Read more »

A Dark Age for European Democracy?


In recent months, nationalists and populists on both sides of the Atlantic have challenged the values that have been at the heart of the transatlantic alliance of liberal democracies for… Read more »

‘Audacious Atlanticist’ in Politico Europe’s list of top political personalities


Politico Europe’s list of 28 personalities likely to shape, shake and stir Europe in 2017 features mayors, business people, activists and journalists at the expense of political bosses – and… Read more »

Unraveling Cuba’s Gordian Knot


In the wake of Fidel Castro’s death, it may be helpful to examine the empirical evidence of the transition experience of the Central and Eastern European countries when the Soviet… Read more »