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Eclipse of the West’s soft power?


While the resurgent authoritarians of Russia and China are investing in the expansion of soft power, that of the Western democracies is dwindling, analysts suggest. The European Union’s approach to… Read more »

Canada’s new FM a critic of Russia’s ‘authoritarian kleptocracy’


  Canada has named Chrystia Freeland, a prominent critic of Russia who was banned by Moscow in 2014, as its new minister of foreign affairs, The Guardian reports: In 2014,… Read more »

Bipartisan initiative aimed at countering Russian hostilities


A bipartisan group of U.S. senators today introduced a bill Tuesday that would increase sanctions against Russia, VOA reports. The sanctions bill, dubbed the “Countering Russian Hostilities Act of 2017,”… Read more »

Why the West is failing to counter Kremlin disinformation


Ten years ago, in the wake of the murder of the leading Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya (left), a popular comedian-turned-blogger in Italy named Beppe Grillo urged tens of thousands of… Read more »