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Cuba creating a Venezuelan dictatorship in its own image


Much has been written about the Cuban regime’s infiltration of Venezuela, its meddling and direct participation in government institutions and organisms, notes international human rights lawyer Tamara Suju (above), the… Read more »

‘No civil society, no democracy’: Cuban activists detained


An award-winning Cuban dissident who was detained this week announced Thursday that he has been released without charge but barred from a planned trip to Europe for a meeting on… Read more »

How to target the Cubazuela axis


  Cuban civil society and human rights activists are expressing concern over the fate of former political prisoner Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina. Four days ago, the freelance journalist and human rights… Read more »

Venezuela’s endgame ‘closer than Maduro thinks’?


  Cuban¬†security¬†officials are a critical ingredient of Nicolas Maduro’s ability to retain power. So, as the Trump administration¬†increases pressure on Venezuela’s pretender president, it must also do the same against… Read more »