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Putin’s ebbing power? Russia sanctions ‘don’t work’


The assumption underlying the efficacy of Western sanctions is that the sharp economic deterioration that results from them will turn the Russian public, particularly the financial and political elite, against… Read more »

US, UK fear ‘political interference’ in Nigeria vote count


  The United States and Britain said Monday there are signs that the vote counting for Nigeria’s presidential election may be subverted by “deliberate political interference,” Associated Press reports: A… Read more »

Asia’s maturing democracies wrestle with inclusion, election realities


Asia’s democracies need to promote greater inclusiveness, social cohesion and participation if they are to provide a compelling alternative to China’s authoritarian development model, an international conference heard this week…. Read more »

Pan-European Order at the Crossroads: statehood first?


Should the trans-Atlantic democracies re—examine the post-Cold War commitment to a Europe whole and free? The year 2014 confronted European policy-makers with a qualitatively altered situation. For the first time… Read more »