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‘Innovators and Emulators’: autocrats compounding digital authoritarianism


From Nicaragua’s adoption of Russia’s oppressive foreign agent law to Huawei’s provision of surveillance technology to Uganda, the Kremlin and China have been reliable exporters of authoritarian tactics and innovators in surveillance and repression.  Thanks… Read more »

China’s economic troubles could signal ‘foundational decline’


NEW: CSIS experts dive into China’s political warfare campaign, including intel ops, cyber ops, information & disinformation ops, united front activity, irregular military actions, and economic coercion, in our most… Read more »

World’s strongmen ‘bend social media to their will’


The world’s autocrats continue to bend social media to their will, according to Samuel Woolley, the author of “Manufacturing Consensus: Understanding Propaganda in the Era of Automation and Anonymity.” Despots have… Read more »

Decoding digital authoritarianism


Digital technologies hold tremendous potential to enhance societal wellbeing, including the protection and promotion of democracy and human rights, notes Harvard’s Ziyaad Bhorat. However, citizens, political leaders, and states are… Read more »