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‘Innovators and Emulators’: autocrats compounding digital authoritarianism


From Nicaragua’s adoption of Russia’s oppressive foreign agent law to Huawei’s provision of surveillance technology to Uganda, the Kremlin and China have been reliable exporters of authoritarian tactics and innovators in surveillance and repression.  Thanks… Read more »

Democracies pledge to curb autocrats’ access to repressive tech


The Biden administration has announced a partnership with Australia, Denmark, Norway, Canada, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to curb authoritarian regimes’ access to potentially repressive technologies. The Export… Read more »

‘Strong Yet Brittle’: Digital authoritarianism less resilient than democracy


Authoritarian governments increasingly adopt technology-centric national strategies and methods of internal governance. They control their societies through digital censorship, propaganda, and surveillance, and use these same tools to manipulate foreign… Read more »