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Putin’s ebbing power? Russia sanctions ‘don’t work’


The assumption underlying the efficacy of Western sanctions is that the sharp economic deterioration that results from them will turn the Russian public, particularly the financial and political elite, against… Read more »

West needs ‘strategy of resilience and engagement’ for Russia


  Russia’s continuing intervention in Ukraine is more than a stark rejection of Euro-Atlantic integration, says a new RAND Corporation report. It has shattered the vision that has guided North… Read more »

Putin’s war now his crisis: U.S. seeks ‘color revolution’, Russia says


Russia’s Security Council on Wednesday warned that the United States could be seeking to foment a revolution in Russia, The Moscow Times reports: The council said in a statement on its website that the U.S. national security strategy adopted… Read more »

‘Yugoslavia scenario’ to follow Russia’s war of ideas?


<span><a href=””><img class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-22244″ alt=”russia piontkovsky” src=”×200.jpg” width=”300″ height=”200″ /></a>The central question facing Russia is: What will fall quicker: Putin’s regime or Russia itself? </span><a href=””><span>according to a prominent analyst</span></a><span>. </span><span>Putin’s… Read more »

Pan-European Order at the Crossroads: statehood first?


Should the trans-Atlantic democracies re—examine the post-Cold War commitment to a Europe whole and free? The year 2014 confronted European policy-makers with a qualitatively altered situation. For the first time… Read more »

Balkans are Europe’s soft underbelly?


Controlled crisis would give Russia bargaining tools and distract from Ukraine, says Ivan Krastev. Could the Balkans be the next playground for Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, and his politics of destabilisation? he… Read more »