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Walter Laqueur, ‘ingenious autodidact’ who dissected 20th century, dies at 97


Walter Laqueur, a German Jew who fled Hitler and became one of the preeminent intellectuals of his generation with seminal books dissecting events that shaped the 20th century as well… Read more »

The ‘fascist’ philosopher inspiring Russia’s kleptocrats


An advocate of Russian fascism is having a profound influence on the discourse of the country’s politicians and kleptocrats,* including Vladimir Putin, according to a leading commentator. Because Ivan Ilyin (left)… Read more »

Russian disinformation distorts American and European democracy


The use of disinformation—“active measures”, in the KGB jargon* of Vladimir Putin’s professional past—to weaken the West was a constant of Soviet policy, one that the would-be victims fought back… Read more »

Resistance beats compliance to totalitarian temptation


“Watching the Moon at Night” raises fundamental questions about issues that continue to haunt the modern world, and it also records and presents the views of some leading intellectuals –… Read more »

Is Poland a failing democracy?


Poland’s new right-wing government faces international demands to roll back radical changes to the country’s institutions, but the odds that it will suffer any serious punishment from Brussels are close to zero, analyst Jan Cienski… Read more »

Russian foreign policy’s anti-democratic thrust


Under the current regime, Russia will continue to fear the enlargement of liberal democracy and Western institutions, says a new report from the RAND Corporation. It will seek, within its… Read more »

U.S. think tank a ‘Trojan Horse’ for Putinism?


The Carnegie Moscow Center used to be a hub of Russian liberalism. Now it stands accused of being a ‘trojan horse’ for Russian influence, notes analyst James Kirchick. As the… Read more »

The end of Putinism? Russia’s coming regime change


Putin’s own, somewhat enigmatic philosophy, the venerable historian Walter Laqueur writes in “Putinism: Russia and Its Future With the West,” an aptly timed and much needed look at the mercurial… Read more »