China’s censorship reaches Washington, D.C.


Miss World pageant authorities have refused to allow Ms. Anastasia Lin to attend the American premiere of her own film, The Bleeding Edge. She “has been barred from speaking to the news media” according to The New York Times.

“You’d expect this kind of thing if it were taking place in China, but for her to be silenced in Washington is extraordinary,” said Mr Benedict Rogers, the deputy chair of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission in the United Kingdom and a friend of Ms Lin’s who has spoken to her by phone. “It’s all very alarming.”

Marion Smith, the executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a Washington-based organization that is sponsoring the premiere of Ms. Lin’s film on Wednesday, said he felt deceived by Miss World officials.

“At this point, nothing should surprise us when it comes to China,” he said, “but the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is so threatened by a Canadian beauty queen that they would subvert the operations of an international organization supposedly dedicated to greater global understanding and the free exchange of views is very disappointing.”

Despite these obstacles, VOC will host tonight’s premiere and will be joined by Director Leon Lee for Q&A following tonight’s screening.

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