Could coronavirus trigger backsliding and ‘reshape global order’?


Washington cannot simply ignore the need for a coordinated global response to the coronavirus pandemic. Only strong leadership can solve global coordination problems related to travel restrictions, information sharing, and the flow of critical goods, note analysts  and .

Most countries coping with the challenge would rather see a public message that stresses the seriousness of a shared global challenge and possible paths forward (including successful examples of coronavirus response in democratic societies such as Taiwan and South Korea), they write for Foreign Affairs.

China Digital Times

The pandemic has revived an old nostrum: Totalitarians perform better in devastating times than democracies. Not so—the cure is worse than the catastrophe, notes Josef Joffe, a fellow of Stanford’s Hoover Institution. A system based on the consent of the governed is messy. But it is working throughout the West, he writes for The American Interest.


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