Democracy Fellowships


The National Endowment for Democracy‘s Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellows Program enables activists, practitioners, scholars, and journalists from around the world to deepen their understanding of democracy and enhance their ability to promote democratic change.

The program offers five-month fellowships to practitioners so that they can focus on strategies and best practices for developing democracy in their country of interest, and to scholars to conduct original research for publication. Fellows maintain full-time residence at the International Forum for Democratic Studies, NED’s research arm in Washington, D.C.

The program is intended primarily to support individuals from developing and aspiring democracies. A working knowledge of English is required. Applicants on the practitioner track typically are mid-career professionals with several years of professional experience in the field of democracy and human rights. There are no specific degree requirements.

Applicants interested in the scholarly track are expected to possess a doctorate (Ph.D. or academic equivalent) at the time of application, to have a proven record of publication in their field, and to have developed a detailed research outline for their fellowship project.

The forum hosts sixteen to twenty fellows per year. Each fellow receives a monthly stipend for living expenses, plus health insurance and reimbursement for travel.

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