Funding opportunities: Internet Freedom, Strengthening Fundamental Freedoms & Rule of Law…..


Internet Freedom: The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) announced a Request for Statements of Interest (RSOI) from organizations interested in programs that support Internet Freedom.  In support of the U.S. International Strategy for Cyberspace, DRL’s goal is to protect the open, interoperable, secure, and reliable Internet by promoting fundamental freedoms, human rights, and the free flow of information online through integrated support to civil society for technology, digital safety, policy and advocacy, and applied research programs:

  • Funding Theme #1:  Technology:  Uncensored and Secure Access to the Global Internet: Development of and support for technologies that counter censorship, enable secure communications, or otherwise protect and strengthen digital safety for human rights defenders.
  • Funding Theme #2:  Digital Safety: Support, training, and information resources that contribute to greater digital safety for users in Internet-repressive societies, including civil society, human rights defenders, journalists, and other vulnerable populations.
  • Funding Theme #3:  Policy and Advocacy: National, regional, and international policy and advocacy efforts that empower civil society to counter restrictive Internet laws and support policies to promote Internet Freedom in countries where the government has adopted, or is considering adopting, laws or policies that restrict human rights online.
  • Funding Theme #4:  Applied Research: Research efforts to inform and benefit Internet Freedom globally.

Deadline: 11:59 PM EST on Friday, February 25, 2022. Total Funding Floor: $987,654.Full details here. 

Further DRL funding opportunities:


Funding Opportunity: Promoting and Protecting Human Rights in Malaysia: The US Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) invites organizations to submit applications that support civil society-led efforts to promote and protect human rights in Malaysia.

Global Atrocity Prevention: Application Deadline:  11:59 PM EST on Friday, February 4, 2022. Total Funding Floor:  $850,000.

Global Transitional Justice: Application Deadline:  11:59 PM EST on Friday, February 4, 2022. Total Funding Ceiling:  $4,938,270.

Promoting Societal Respect and Interfaith Understanding in Indonesia: Application Deadline:  11:59 PM EST on 8, February, 2022. Total Funding Floor:  $740,740.

Strengthening Religious Freedom in Sudan through the Rule of Law: Application Deadline:  11:59 PM EST on 14, February, 2022. Total Funding Floor: $740,740.

Strengthening Fundamental Freedoms and the Rule of Law in Bahrain: Application Deadline:11:59 PM EST Friday, February 18, 2022. Total Funding Floor: $493,827.

DRL Iraq Programs: The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) announces a Request for Statements of Interest (RSOI) outlining project concepts and capacity to manage programs in Iraq that will: strengthen effective governance; increase political participation and civic activism; promote fundamental freedoms; and support atrocity prevention, accountability, and reconciliation. Budget requests may range from a floor of $750,000 to a ceiling of $3,000,000.

Promoting Religious Freedom through Good Governance in Vietnam: Application Deadline:  11:59 PM EST on 16, February, 2022. Total Funding:  $740,740.

Further opportunities:

Eurasia Congressional Fellowship The Atlantic Council’s non-partisan, non-residential fellowship program connects staff members from the US House and Senate with Atlantic Council senior fellows and other leading experts. Through the 11-month part-time, unpaid fellowship, staff members will be invited to off-the-record roundtables led by experts to discuss critical issues, including but not limited to: US-Ukraine relations; US-Russia relations; Russia’s foreign policy; Kremlin influence operations in the West; The war in Ukraine’s East; Regional politics of Central Asia and the Caucasus; Frozen conflicts. Deadline: February 15, 2022, Further details here.

Andrea Mitchell Center Postdoctoral Fellowship on Democracy and Emergent Technologies, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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