Ghana election: voters prioritize fairness above result



In the run-up to next Wednesday’s poll, some Ghanaians fear that pride in the sanctity of their elections may be increasingly misplaced. “We claim to be one of the most democratic countries on the continent, and we hope to be, The Financial Times reports:

“But there’s been a degradation,” says Emmanuel Gyimah-Boadi, executive director of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development. “I fear we are on a slow burn to election chaos.”

A recent CDD opinion survey found that 45 per cent of Ghanaians believed it was “very or somewhat likely” that the voting tally would be rigged…..Some international observers have expressed alarm at what they say is intimidation from biker gangs bearing names such as the Macho Boys and Bolga Bulldogs.

“If you see lots of people arriving on motorbike on polling day that’s not a good sign,” says Christopher Fomunyoh (above), regional director for the US-based National Democratic Institute [a core institute of the National Endowment for Democracy], who nevertheless is hoping for a clean election.


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