Hackers and Social Networks: How North Koreans Access Foreign Information


The cat and mouse game played between the North Korean government and citizens over illicit consumption of information, and recent evidence of a more aggressive pushback by some citizens appears to have worried the government, t

A forthcoming event will launch a new report by Martyn Williams, “Project Reveal: New research into North Korea’s digital control system” and highlight a further report by Peter Ward and Steven Denney, “Information Dissemination in North Korea: A Report for NGOs.” Ward and Denney will discuss their report, based on interviews with over 300 escapees, about how foreign information is used and disseminated in North Korea and how the state’s information controls adapt accordingly.

Featured Speakers

Martyn Williams, Fellow at Stimson Center and 38 North; Peter Ward, doctoral candidate at University of Vienna (via video stream); Steven Denney, lecturer in the Department of East Asia Studies at the University of Vienna (via video stream). Moderated by Natalia Slavney, Research Associate at Stimson Center and Assistant Editor of 38 North.

Both reports were made possible by the generous support of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

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