Latin America’s New Turbulence


Aside from Peru’s inconclusive election, a number of other Latin American countries are in the midst of turmoil, according to the latest issue of the National Endowment for Democracy’s Journal of Democracy:

Brazil has been rocked by public anger over corruption, bringing President Dilma Rousseff to the brink of impeachment. Yet as Marcus André Melo explains in “Crisis and Integrity in Brazil,” this situation has also shown that rule of law in the country is strong. Other essays address the defeat of the Chavistas in Venezuela’s 2015 legislative elections, and the prospects for a democratic transition there; the victory of Mauricio Macri and the downfall of Peronism in Argentina’s 2015 presidential election; the dashed expectations for reform in Mexico; and the mounting troubles in Central America’s “Northern Triangle” of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.


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